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You need to change your way & thinking about job search!

Christmas is approaching and you need to change your way & thinking about job search!

A motivational coach will be saying: no worries, take a break, finding jobs is not a full-time job.

I will have a webinar and a system to ensure that you don’t need to apply for 100 jobs..

So please write “xxx” in the comment, connect with me, and I will send you the details..

Let me tell you the truth! This is a really good and amazing motivational speech, BUT..

Enjoy your life, be very happy is not suitable for those who still need a job to earn a living!

As you may notice from previous posts, I am not saying you have to apply for 1000 jobs every day.

But you will need to be professional, with tactics and strategies, and there is NO successful formula.

But look at those candidates who sent me direct messages, is it the way you approach your HR and Hiring Managers?

Do you think the “Receiver” will help you anyway??

You need to change your entire behavior if you really need to find a job..

I do have an on-demand Webinar (e-learning of 1 hour) and you can start and enjoy the online class anywhere, anytime.

Contact me for more info. And do connect with me if you need any personalized career advice.


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