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You might want a fresh start for 2020

You might want a fresh start for 2020 but have you considered changing your career field?

Research has shown that around 65% of people in their 30’s have considered changing their careers.

I have changed my career from FMCG Marketing to Recruitment Consultant, and moved to become in-house HR.

And now I’m Recruitment Adviser to provide tips and career advice to people in need and find my passion to do it.

The good news is these kinds of changes can make you a better professional and know yourself better.

Also, it’s able to build your network, sharpen your skills, and you might have better career satisfaction when you challenge yourself.

Therefore, I would advise you to think about your strength, your expertise, your interests and your values.

Then try to find a platform that could change your nature of work and utilized all you’ve learned for life to make that move.

Quick Tips for you to do it:

- Do your research where you can find your ideal next roles

- Start making some connections and know what they do

- Gain some experiences and step out of your comfort zone

- Manage your expectation and give yourself time to try

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