You have the same power in the Job Interview!

You have the same power in the Job Interview! The Job Interview is a two-way street:

Hiring managers want to know:

Can this person do the job? Do I want to work with him/her?

If yes, convince the candidate that the role & the company is good for you to work!!

Candidates also need to know:

Do you want to work with this person, this role, this company?

If yes, convince the hiring manager you can do the job & wants to have the next steps!!

Job Interviews are your best opportunity to make sure you're not going to the hell again.

Most of us spend the entire 1 hour just answering Interviewer questions.

But you have the power to take control & make sure you need to be convinced in the process.

It's easy to get nervous & stressful if you think you are seeking for opportunities.

Indeed, you are looking for the right platform & your talents are recognized by hiring managers.

At the end of the day, you have to spend 40+ hours every week for the next several years of your life.

So, don't always memorize & come up with a canned answer for every possible question.

You only need confidence without being arrogant, speak firmly & also support with examples.

Remember your resume & skills drew the company's attention for a reason. OK?

Keith Lau #nextRoles

#humanresources #Interview #hr

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