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You can secure an Interview just with a LinkedIn Message!!

You can secure an Interview just with a LinkedIn Message!!

LinkedIn is 10 times more powerful than you think!

It is 100% true that your network is your net worth.

If you are able to network with decision-makers on LinkedIn directly...

You should have no trouble getting a job.

If you have the guts to contact the CEO... you can jump the queue of your job applications!!

But a lot of people are using their networks in the wrong way.

Such as sending the CV directly, asking for a referral, etc...

That's why I want to give you some tips on using networking to secure your Interviews.

1. Give Before You Ask!

Provide value upfront to the CEO!

2. Showcase your expertise!

Try to solve their problems with your experience

3. Call to Actions! But Don't ask for it explicitly!

Keep the contact warm and stay in touch for the next step!

Have you try to do such a thing and approach the CEO for self-recommendation?

What do you think? Comment below! 👇

I can share more about the step-by-step approach.

You can also attend my FREE 100 mins. Career Masterclass.

So that I will let you know how to get an instant response from them.

First, Like this post!

Then, comment: "CEO" below!

So that I know how to send you the link & details.



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