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You are NOT getting HIRED because of your LinkedIn profile 👤

You are NOT getting HIRED because of your LinkedIn profile 👤

Here are 3 top PROBLEMS 👇

I viewed lots of profiles, and here are the points I want to make:

1. Recruiters are busy people. They rely heavily on search. So please make sure your profile is easy for them to find - include relevant keywords for your profession.

2. For every job include more than just the title. Please add responsibilities and how you made a difference there. This is also searchable by Recruiters.

3. Please don't use "Looking for Opportunities" as a headline and do NOT consider attaching your resume to your profile. This is not good for personal branding.

If you would like me to quickly scan and audit your profile for additional feedback, please do these:

- Give this post a Like 👍 and a Comment 📩📩; Let me know your LinkedIn URL & what are you looking for...

- Tag & share the above tips with your friends/network! May your luck never runs out! 🙏

I pray you will find what you are looking for very soon because of your great attitude, unique experience, skills, and talents!

Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment and LinkedIn Adviser for more advice in the future!

"We rise by lifting others." – Robert Ingersoll

Agree? Who is with me??


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