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Will you practice your Interview??

Will you practice your Interview??

We do a rehearsal for our coming Live event, this group of 4 Asia experts is so serious!

If you want to ensure your success, you have to prepare and practice!

Indeed, whenever you receive a call from HR... it is part of the Interview Process.

You need to be prepared everything written on your CV. Tell you a real story...

At my young age I don't know how to write my CV, and have around 1000 words and 4 pages.

One of the hiring managers asked me "one bullet point" which I wrote for at least 15 minutes.

And I screwed up the Interview because I didn't prepare well.

So you have to know how to present and explain in your CV, and craft your story!!

Don't be lazy! Preparation is the KEY to success.

Do you agree? Comment below: 👇👇

If you want to enroll our Live event, please visit nextRoles page, click the "Sign Up" button.

At least learn more and consider if you would like to join us! Thanks!

This Tuesday (May 19th, 2020) at 10:30 pm (HK Time; UTC+8), we will also have LinkedIn Live hosted by me!

Topic: Why you are not getting an Interview during this Crisis! Share with you at least 6 reasons why you fail!

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