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Will you keep sending a CV to your ideal company many times?

Will you keep sending a CV to your ideal company many times?

Do you think it is useful?

If you identify the dream company you want to work for, what will you do?

Do you think the HR/ Recruiters or Hiring Managers get noticed if they keep receiving your CV?

So what will they do?

Tell you a real story: When I was doing my Recruitment role...

I keep receiving a candidate CV every day & applied for every role that I advertised.

Do you think is helping?

I just treat it as SPAM. Is this a JOKE? Really sent from a real person?

Why you have to keep sending & do you know I have to keep clicking the REJECT button!

So, if you really want to work for your ideal dream company, you shall only apply for Once Only!

If you want your CV to get a notice by the HR or Hiring Manager, you have to think out of the box!

We are having 4 Asia Recruitment Experts to teach you how to secure your offer within 21 days.

We can help you & teach you what to do in this case.

Interested, please do:

- Like this post, share this post

- Comment: I AM IN - then you can have a discount code!

- Register via @nextRoles page, click the "Sign Up" button.

Send me a Direct Message to ask for the coupon code & we'll see you soon!

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