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Why sending tons of resumes every day via the job board does not work?

Why sending tons of resumes every day via the job board does not work?

It does not work for me & might not for you as well.

Imagine, how many people need a job during COVID-19?

People who are laid off, impacted seriously & want to get back to work!

Do you know how many people compete for each job?

Normally around 200 people.. Some jobs can be more than 450 applicants!

So what do you think, how can the HR scan or screen your resume?

Do you think you need to do something different in order to stand out??

And do you know what you can do? Just contact the job poster directly?

If everyone contacts HR, what reply will you expect from him or her?

It does not work nowadays, you need to think out of the box!

Do you want to know what is the best way to apply for jobs or even without applying in 2020?

I'm going to have a LIVE Advanced Masterclass for FREE tomorrow.

Interested, please do the following & I will send you the details to ENROLL afterward.

- Like & share this post so more people benefit from it

- Type "Masterclass" in the comment

- Follow Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser for more career advice

- Register at nextRoles page, click the "Sign Up" button there!

See you soon and hope it helps~


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