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Why Reject Job Offer is Actually Good For You?

Why Reject Job Offer is Actually Good For You?

One of the best reasons to say NO to one job offer is you have found another better offer!

But in reality, during this Crisis, it's hard to walk away from an employment opportunity.

However, if you encounter the following scenarios, it's actually a wise decision!

- The Pay is Lower than the Market Rate

The Pay is Lower than what you expected or not able to match with your previous salary

- Don't like the culture there

Perhaps not good in employer branding, messy, harsh managers, bureaucratic, etc...

- The employer is in a declining industry

If their business is not able to make money, they may not be growing & have better benefits

- Expected to have No work-life balance

E.g. If they do not have the flexibility to work from home, will destroy your quality of life

- You Guts Say: You Deserve Better

Don't just change a job, but think about the career path & what you can learn from each role.

If you want to have clarity in your Career development.

If you want to know more about Job Search Direction & Strategy.

If you want to have Tips for your CV & prepare for your next Interview.

I do have a 30 Days "Career Change" Program which can help you!

Interested? Please do:

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