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Why I Don't use Job Board to apply directly?

Why I Don't use Job Board to apply directly?

Think about what kind of jobs will normally appear on the job board?

1- When the Job Posted publicly, perhaps there are thousands of people competing against it

2 - Companies seems desperate to find people, perhaps high turnover for that role

3 - Jobs are normally junior, sales role, low pay or need very niche technical or hard to find skills

4 - Not every company posting to every job board, you may not be able to see it (by chance)

5 - Some of the Advertisement by Recruitment Agencies so that don't know the Real Companies hiring

And also you're NOT supposed to go for every job board every day and applied everything!

There are some other ways to find a job better than the job board.

"Spray and Pray" approach not working anymore in this Crisis.

We need to approach the Hiring Managers & Key Decision-Makers directly.

And we can help you to Secure Unlimited Interviews & ultimately secure your offers.

Have more confidence, better CV & Craft your stories!

Interested to join my Masterclass, please do:

- Follow Keith Lau for Recruitment Advice

- Comment "Masterclass" below

- Like & share this post

- Go to: nextRoles page, click the "Sign-up" button!

See you there, thanks!


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