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Why do so many People Lost Their Jobs Win in Business??

Why do so many People Lost Their Jobs Win in Business??

Look at Jack Ma, 24 people applied for KFC job, he was the only one rejected.

Determination! Persistence! Self-drive and they are creative!

They believe in themselves and have a passion to build their own empire!

How about you?

If you lost your jobs, being laid-off, or terminated, what would you do??

So you will blame the economy? Blame the #covid19 or #coronavirus??

If no one hires you, are you going to stuck at home? No contribution to society?

Watching Netflix at home or would you like to have your ideal job soon?

Would you like to build something or at least learn something?

Do you want to get back to work within 30 days?

I do have a program to help you redefine yourself, craft your stories, and live meeting weekly!

Do you want to learn more? At least you can have a perfect killer CV.

At least you will have a disruptive cover letter, equip well with your Interview skills.

At least you will learn some HR stuff & lifetime career skills.

Interested, please do:

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Complete the steps, I'll send the link to you!


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