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Where are the FREE resources for your job search?

Where are the FREE resources for your job search?

Do you want to know how to write your CV?

Do you want to know how to craft your Interview answers?

Many people have been following my 30 days FREE Program.

I received a lot of people to support me & thanks me for sharing the valuable content.

So how to Get Back to Work in 30 days? How to find your ideal #nextRoles in a month?

It's easy, no cost, no risk, no catch. Just like our Facebook Page & YouTube Channel.

It's totally FREE! Not only you'll enjoy short videos every day LIVE for 30 days.

But there is a FREE Group Coaching Call on every Saturday at 11:00pm (HK Time)

Normally, I charged for USD147 for 40 mins & people paid me for such services.

I do want to help people & add value to you because of current economic situations.

Since I'm using a Basic ZOOM which limited to 100 participants only (for 40 mins).

If you want me to solve your problems, answer your questions & provide guidance.

Please do for the Zoom link:

1. Type "checklist" in the comment so that I know

2. Follow Me for more career advice

3. Like this post!

4. Share this post to someone in need!

Also, I have a Career Change Checklist for you for FREE as well.

I can't wait to empower you!


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