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When is it Smarter to Ask for Job Referral via LinkedIn?

When is it Smarter to Ask for Job Referral via LinkedIn?

- When you see jobs where you already know someone through your network

- You can easily request a referral by clicking the "Ask for a referral" button

- Also tailor-made what to say with suggestions on how to craft your message

Once you've found a job where you can get referred, remember also:

- Remind people how you get connected with them

- Share why you are a good fit with achievements

- Highlight why you are interested and how to stand out

- What is your difference compare to other #jobseekers?

- Don't forget to follow-up and ask for the next steps!

If you have any queries using LinkedIn, and how you can ride on your network and relationship to connect to your next opportunity and secure your Interview within 14 days.

I do have a FREE Live Webinar for 2 Hours this weekend.

Please do:

- Like this post and type a comment: "LinkedIn"

- Share this post with your friends in your network

- Follow Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser for more career advice

After that, I will send you the link to register/enroll my Free training!!

I'll share how to build a relationship via LinkedIn! See you there & I can't wait to empower you!


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