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What to do After POSTING on LinkedIn??

What to do After POSTING on LinkedIn??

Enjoy the Sunshine, Take a Bath & Go to Sleep!!

YES! 🤟 Why not? It is Because... 👇

Many people are too worried about how many Views, how to reach more people...

Is there anyone who will Like or Comments, and then click F5 or Refresh again & again!

No, you don't need to do that! And honestly, if you do that it will get worse!

Do you know why?

LinkedIn will do the rest... you never know the algorithm!!

And honestly, if your post works, it should work!

If your post is able to add value to other people, your post will go viral...

If your post delivers a great message to help more people...

More people will engage with your post, and that helps to BOOST the Views!

The only thing is: you should always drive Engagement and have the CTA.

If you want to learn more about posting & branding on LinkedIn...

I do have 2 hours of LinkedIn Training to teach you more.

Share with you everything that I know...

Interested to receive the link & details, then please:

- Follow Keith LAU - Your LinkedIn Branding Trainer today

- Leave a Comment: #LinkedIn" below so that I know how to connect with you!

- Like or share this post to inspire more people.

👉 I can't wait to empower you and Let's Win The LinkedIn!



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