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What makes you feel frustrated??

What makes you feel frustrated??

Tired of sending out 100 CVs but no feedback?

After your Interview with HR or hiring managers, then waiting for ages?

Comment below if you have experienced the same thing before and what can you do?

You could send follow-up or thank you emails to remind them.. BUT..

You don’t have the clarity and still no response, and what you can do is only hope or pray!

For those job seekers, please don’t give up and I do have a solution for you.

I have helped more than 450 people landed their dream job and worked as both an In-house HR and Recruitment Agency.

I can reveal all the Secrets that NO one is gonna tells you and you will know:

1 – Secrets of why you never get the chance of Interview

2 – Secrets of why you failed the Interview & you still don’t know

3 – Secrets of when you can negotiate a better salary but you missed

If you are interested to join this LIVE 60-90 mins Masterclass, please do the following:

1) Send me an invite to connect with me first.

2) Then Write “Masterclass” in the comment.

I will send the details to your inbox directly. I will see you there and talk soon! Cheers!

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser #nextRoles

#humanresources #careers #personaldevelopment #jobinterviews #hiringandpromotion #jobs #recruitment #hr

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