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What HR / recruiters look for in your CV and the logic behind?

What HR / recruiters look for in your CV and the logic behind it?

Every role we advertised (depends on job title / seniority), we can expect to receive around 20 to 150 CVs.

We have a special skill to quickly scan through the resumes & get a feel of who are you, and determine if you're suitable with the role.

We pay attention to some points:

- Make sure the potential candidate has the type of background sought by the Job, e.g. education, language, etc.

- Current company and position, service time at that company and how related? so will think about the stability & whether they are fit with the culture

- Knowledge gained in that related industry or job, and particularly looking for candidates with experience in well-known respected firm, or competitors

- Functional skills and work experience, and evaluate his/her achievements, leadership and project management skills, so will think about the track record e.g. whether they have continuously promotion. Warnings for special attention:

- Dates or period missing in their employment history, why?

- Self-employed? Consultant title? Director of some unknown company?

- Candidate it is too jumpy? Candidate has changed their career field and industry?

- Candidate has job title up and down? And the reason for job change in each company.

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