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What can take care of baby teach me about Employment?

What can take care of baby teach me about Employment?

When you watch your baby grow, from the moment they can turn...

And you know your BB always tries very hard to sit, crawl, walk & then run!

It's progress & every stage they'll learn! Will trial and error & never Give Up!

Same as employment, you applied for a lot of roles, get rejected...

Then you applied again, may also get rejected, but you'll keep trying?

Will you learn something or change your CV?

Will you learn some tactics or redefine your strategies?

Will you figure it out yourself or ask for expert help?

Or do nothing, keep using the same old method to apply via Job Boards?

Partnering with James Lee MBA, we are gonna teach you how to pass ATS & edit your CV.

This is not an ordinary course or pre-recorded video, it is a LIVE demonstration!!

We are using your CV to Demo it once for you? Excited??

Join us, please do:

Sign Up at Eventbrite:

Date/Time: Monday, 8 June 2020, 9PM (HKT; UTC+8)

I would like to invite you to join our LIVE Mastermind Call to perform a "FULL Audit" too! For the Personalized Assessment of your CV & LinkedIn profile as well.

Interested please register with this link:

Date/Time: Tuesday, 9 June 2020, 9PM (HKT; UTC+8)


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