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Top 5 Mistakes that Job Seekers Make!

Top 5 Mistakes that #JobSeekers Make!

Number 1:

They used the Same CV applied for jobs, and honestly, some even apply for every job for each company

Number 2:

They failed in the phone screen (actually initial Interview) that they don't know how to prepare

Number 3:

They keep using Job boards or applying online, waiting to win the lottery if HR could call back

Number 4:

They thought in the Interview they answered all the "Correct" answers, however, failed & rejected

Number 5:

They think their CV is perfect with lots of words & responsibilities, but their CV didn't sell at all

Have you made any mistakes above?

If yes, don't be frustrated and worry!!

I have a solution and a system that can help you. Interested to know more??

Please do the following:

- Like this post and type comment: 'System'

- Share this post to help your friends as well.

If you complete the steps, I will send you the link for more tips!

And then, let me share with you, what you should do next!


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