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Top 3 Mistakes I Made in Using #LinkedIn!

Top 3 Mistakes I Made in Using #LinkedIn!

No. 1 - I've connected with a lot of people, BUT...

Those have a fake profile, scammers, or people who just have less than a few connections.

Because I just click accepted and did not check carefully who connect with me.

No. 2 - I did not change my profile frequently!

With the use of mobile, you can edit your profile instantly, anytime, anywhere.

Your personal branding and presence in LinkedIn are important as HR/recruiter considers this is the Live candidate database worldwide.

No. 3 - I just relying on LinkedIn to apply for you, BUT...

I did not nurture relationships with other people, I seldom Like, Comment, or Share!

I did not write any article and not post anything to express my views, and cannot stand out in the market!

If you made the same mistakes as most of them...

I can help and support you in any aspects.

I can teach you some useful tips, tricks, and strategies on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Of course, welcome any other career-related matters like CV, Interview, Job Search Direction, etc.

Interested to learn more, please do:

- Like & Share this

- Follow Keith Lau for Career Advice

- Type comment: LinkedIn

Then I'll contact you to provide more Info! Cheers.


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