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Today's Appraisal with My Boss!

Today's Appraisal with My Boss!

Boss: On a scale of 1 to 10, how will you rate this year's performance?

Employee: I rate myself 10.

Boss: Why?

Employee: I actually think I deserve, and anyway you will gonna reduce my final rating

Also, last year you mentioned you need to consider the whole team performance, etc...

Boss: No worries. This year our performance appraisal will not be the same.

Employee: And regarding salary increment, you always say will be in line with the economy.

Boss: That's right!

Employee: When the economy is good, you said our industry is bad...

When the economy is bad, you said the company performance is bad;

When the economy is OK, you said our team performance is not OK!

Even I out-performed, but my salary increment is only 2.5% last year.

Boss: ... ... [what a great employee, why you know what I'm thinking about?]

Boss: But it really depends on your work performance though...

Employee: So I rate myself 10. Thank you!

Boss: Understand! HR will advise your next year's pay adjustment soon!

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