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To Answer Most Common Job Interview Questions

To Answer Most Common Job Interview Questions

While some Interview is not common, perhaps Interviewer just wants to kill time.

There are many possibilities & the shortest Interview time perhaps just a few minutes.

The interviewer is not well-trained to Interview candidate, or maybe HR keep asking them to meet.

Anyway, all the Interview questions & answers can be prepared. Remember Practice!

Your main goal is to impress Every interviewer, no matter how many rounds in the whole process.

The mindset to answer common job interview questions will be:

1) Acknowledge the questions

2) Always explain & answer in the positive side

3) What are you going to do or what have you done in the past that shows you are capable to do

Common Interview questions could be:

- Where do you expect yourself to be in 3-5 years time?

- Why do you want to work here with us?

- Why should we hire you?

Some of the questions are quite tricky but you need to handle it well, so I have prepared Interview Tips for you.

If you are interested to download a copy of that to your email, please do:

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I'll then send you the link.

Please you may follow my 30 days Program!

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser #nextRoles

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