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The job market is not the only choice.

The job market is not the only choice.

If you can't find a job, not just give yourself a break!

But you can give yourself a chance to explore new opportunities!

Let's watch this Preview of our upcoming Online Business Startup Class.

Date: 11-13 May (3 days)

Time: 10:00-11:30PM

Trainers: Keith Lau & James Lee

James can teach you some ideas about starting your business plan in 30 days.

And I can also teach you How to Find Your Ideal #nextRoles within 30 Days!

Last time, no one hired Jack Ma, he had no choice but founded his own online business.

He is still Top 17 Billionaire in the world and with Real-Time Net Worth of $40.8B of USD.

Today, tonnes of graduates worked for him, even experienced and high qualification ones.

He develops one of the world's largest e-commerce businesses and helps a lot of people.

This business still growing very fast even during this Crisis.

So if you never explore you never know.

Unleash your potential by learning.

Try your best and do whatever you can.

If you only have a business idea, a phone, a computer, and Internet Connections.

What you can do? Go to start your online business, found your passion, and it's extremely low cost.

Send a Direct Message to me if you want to learn more!



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