The Do's and Don'ts of CV Writing

The Do's and Don'ts of CV Writing

You could be the most suitable & excellent candidate for the job.

But you don't know how to present yourself & fail to get the job because of the CV??

What if you have a well-written & professional looking CV?

Here are some Do's and Don'ts:

- Don't be TOO LONG, think about those who read a lot of CV, like me 800/months

- Don't be too generic, vague, and only mentioned your job duties, no one read this...

- Irrelevant Personal Data, e.g. your family member, height, weight, signature. Don't laugh...

- How many times I've mentioned: NO tables please!

- Don't use lots of jargon, buzzwords, abbreviations.

- Don't include old information, 30 years ago? Not really up to date now.

- Don't lie or exaggerate for your job title or job duties. And don't lie about your employment period.

- Do have a Personal Summary (3 to 5 sentences), and have Key Achievements with measurable results

- Use bullet points for CV

- Consistent in your font size, font type, and formatting.

- Do in Chronological order and I can always list more Tips for you!!

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