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The 5 most powerful words you can use when during Interview.

The 5 most powerful words you can use when during the Interview.

I've conducted more than 6000 Interviews & found out if you apply these words will improve results.

Considering how much of a different word choice can stand out from your competition.

You don’t need to memorize the list of words, instead just practice & practice.

Keep in mind the best words to use in your Interview depend on what kind of role you are Interviewing.

1 – Words that you are passionate about the job, will go above and beyond your job descriptions E.g. Enthusiastic, motivated, energized

2 – Words that you are responsible & ready to take on any challenging tasks to accomplish it E.g. Detail-oriented, Met the deadline, Satisfied the client’s requests

3 – Words that you are able to lead the project or your team and take ownership E.g. Initiative, Innovative, Resolved

4 – Words that you are the expert / knowledgable within the industry E.g. jargon that used, specific buzzwords, name of particular skills

5 – Words that you are a good fit with the role, company culture and team structure E.g. communication, interpersonal, your mindset or belief

Not only this, but you can also incorporate these words into your resume.

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