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The 3 Biggest Lies of Resume

The 3 Biggest Lies of Resume

As an HR professional, every month I'll read around 800 CVs.

And most probably recruiters will only spend less than 1 minute to review your CV.

How can you demonstrate your success?

How can you make your resume stand out of your competition?

Someone would lie on their CV, but do you know you can get caught lying?

What are the 3 biggest and common lies?

1 – Employment Dates A typical example will be trying to cover up employment gaps by stretching dates of another job

2 – Job Titles and Job Duties For example, if your current job is at a junior level, then you claim you are the lead or manager

3 – Skills and Technical Proficiencies E.g. people will list out a Lot of expertise or mentioned great results from their achievements

Not to mention someone would also lie on their Education or exaggerate a course they studied.

During the Interview we will ask you specific and competency-based questions.

So it would be easy for experienced HR to identify if you are a lie, and we can always do a reference check!

Therefore, my personal opinion for you: Stay honest!

Your Comments? If you have doubts on how to write your resume, please talk to your Recruitment Adviser.


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