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Ten jobseekers asked me to scan their resumes.

Ten jobseekers asked me to scan their resumes.

Every resume only had between 21-30% match.

There are formatting and content issues as well.

I gave them a detailed report on what to change.

After 18 pages report & checked 48 parameters.

Everyone got their resumes to an 80-90% match.

You can imagine how they increased their chances.

Now they can apply for jobs with a lot more confidence.

They know the standards and what is a good CV.

They know for sure that they can secure Interviews.

They know ATS systems are not something horrible!

If you want me to scan your resume let me know.

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By the way, I only do professional and quality work.

That means I'm not scanning through for 7 seconds.

It certainly needs time and experienced HR to do this!

Send me a direct message if you need any other personalized help!


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