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Tell you a secret that not every HR or Recruiters will tell you!

Tell you a secret that not every HR or Recruiters will tell you!

If you are #jobseekers and want to get interview calls FAST without having to wait for days and weeks...

Then you need to know this simple trick and do this when you submit your application.

The secret is...

"MONDAY is the best time to Apply!"

Why? It is because the HR & Hiring managers start to entertain the job application and post advertisements on...

MONDAY Morning!

And when you submit your job applications on Monday, you are among the first few job-seekers who are at the top of the list.

Hiring managers are also not likely to consider or read all applications; they will mostly read the first few CVs and choose candidates among those.

So, submit your application on Monday and make your application as unique & precise as possible.

For my friends... I have a treat for you as well, and you can get my ATS-Free CV Template!

I'll also send you a link to my Free 100 mins. Masterclass!

Interested to learn how to improve your situation?

Please do:

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- Visit nextRoles page for more details

I will send you the link & details soon!!


#careers #humanresources #recruitment

#hiring #hiringandpromotion #hr

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