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Support for your career development!

Support for your career development!

I have weekly, small group Zoom Call helps you get your job search handled.

We meet face to face, you can pick my brain & transfer all my knowledge.

Throughout the whole 365 days & it's 'extremely' low cost!

Study shows that Job searching may need 6 to 9 months on average.

Searching for jobs could be tiring & frustrating; most of the time, you will get lost!

Since Interviews can be pretty random, you'll never know when do you need help?

Everyone has different challenges & sticking points, I do think you need personalized service.

One on One Coaching is extremely expensive but does not have any flexibility.

If you've been continually struggling with your job search, I've got some great news for you!

My weekly program gives you a new idea & depends on your personalized schedule!

You can have unlimited questions for me, talk to me directly to get clarity on what to do next!

I'll provide instant feedback, help you to practice & craft your Interview answers.

You'll enjoy ALL MY MASTERCLASS & RESOURCES developed for FREE!

With my 10 years of in-house & agency recruitment experience, it's worth USD19.9 per month.

Contact me if you trust me & I'll provide My Personalized Career Assessment Program for you for FREE!


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