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Stop asking for Webinar Recording. What's wrong with you??

Stop asking for Webinar Recording. What's wrong with you??

Nowadays people are running ZOOM calls & Webinars to provide value to you.

Presenters are sharing their valuable time, Life experiences and stories which help you!

We maintain a high level of energy throughout the Live session.

We provide great content to you, we start our class on-time, we address to your needs.

We prepared for the slides, Q&As, and also reminds you to join the Webinar!

But how about you??

Only around 60% of people visit the landing page and register.

Around 30% of people will attend (but join late & leave early).

And finally, around 10% Ask the presenter for a Recording!!!

Wow.. do you know you need to pay for such a service? It involves IT Storage and setup cost.

Some people even ask for all your presentation slides. Crazy people!!

They assume FREE LIVE Masterclass is everything FREE including recording.

They forget their time to Join but blame the presenter charge for the recording.

They disappoint because recording not Free? Appreciate, Respect & Learn something new!

Nowadays, most of the Webinars are valuable learning opportunities.

Have you encountered such a situation? Please comment below.



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