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Steve Jobs's Top Strategies for Job Searching!

Steve Jobs's Top Strategies for Job Searching!

Tell the employer what value you can bring to the Table!

Hiring managers won't hire smart people, they only want you to do the JOB!

Recently my friend Steve comes to me... he wants a Job!!

I helped him to review the CV & LinkedIn profile, and provided all the advice.

He was unemployed for 2 years and need a job desperately.

I told him what to do during Interview, and provide my ATS-Free CV Template.

I made changes to his CV so as to present his previous work & accomplishment.

Two days later, he got an Interview from a Global 500 Company.

He was hired after 1 week and the salary is better than his previous job too.

If you are like Steve and wants to find a JOB...

Be Smart #jobseekers and revamp your CV & LinkedIn profile accordingly~

I will also provide a Free 100 mins Masterclass to teach you what to do next!

If you want to have my ATS-Free CV Template and Interview Guidebook too...

Please do the following:

- Like or share this post

- Write a Comment: "Resume" below so that I know how to connect with you

- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser for more Career Advice in the future

I'll then send you the link and details afterward.


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