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Someone told me: Sir, I keep getting ghosted by recruiters

Someone told me:

Sir, I keep getting ghosted by recruiters

And I get automated emails saying the job is filled

But I still saw the Job Advertisement repost at the Job Board

As a result, I have applied to over 100 jobs and now unemployed for 8 months.

When I received this inbox message... I asked myself:

- Is it the Recruiter not helpful?

- Is it the Job Advertisement is Free?

- Is it the age problem?

- Is it the gap in the resume?

- Is it the Economic situation?

- Or Is it his/her experience not enough?

So what's wrong??

Haha... NO... finally, I can find out the answer!!

He sent his "Resume" to me... and guess what??

This is just the "Cover Letter", he sent the wrong CV every time when he applied.

My tips to you, please check your CV before you hit the button 'SEND'!!


If you need help with your job search, I do have an ATS-Free CV Template for you.

Interested, please do:

--> Like or share this post, and comment: "CV"

--> Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser

After that, I will send you the link and the details.

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