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Should I include salary info on my CV?

Should I include salary info on my CV?

It is debatable, a different coach will have different answers.

My view is: YES from my practical experiences when you apply for jobs.

Think about how many times you’ve seen job ads asking you to provide WORD CV, and include your current & expected salary?

Because when job hunting, this will ensure the salary range is clear from the start, otherwise your prospective employers will bypass your CV.

HR only want to shortlist & interested to proceed with those are beyond the pay scope.

If your Recruiter is experienced in your field, he/she could probably ‘estimate’ your salary range.

But in reality, it's to avoid wasting time, and can avoid disappointment for you later in the hiring process.

It’s fair that you may want to be upfront with the company, but if you really want to mention it, I would only suggest you include EITHER your current salary, or expected salary range.

This would be clear for HR to proceed with your CV.

Reasons NOT to include salary: In general to write CV in a professional way, it's not necessary to include salary info.

You don’t “win” negotiations by disclosing everything upfront.

There is usually room for negotiation at a later stage of the hiring process, so you could set yourself restrictions or boundaries.


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