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Should I accept Temporary or Contract positions?

Due to the economic downturn, should I accept Temporary or Contract positions?

The answer is YES! Definitely!

Currently, the market in Hong Kong is really tough and quiet at the moment.. so my suggestion will be:

Take the job first and it can be your safety net because the company will guarantee your paycheck and cover for a certain period of time.

Also, there are some advantages of temporary/contract positions, such as:

- You can learn new things and meet new friends/business connections

- You’ll avoid a gap in your CV

- Easier entry to great companies, it may also lead to a permanent role if you perform well

- Provide more flexibility for you, you can consider leaving sooner if another opportunity comes up

- Temporary/Contract positions are often higher paid

If you're having difficulties in securing your Interviews, please you may send me an invite (I’ll accept anyone), so that I can give you some advice on your CV - for FREE.

Or if you would like to know more about the Interview skills, please reply/write “TIPS” in the comments and then I will send you the link to download our guidebook!

I hope we can help and add value to you! Thank you.


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