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Secrets that CV submitted but no response

Secrets that CV submitted but no response

Many of us submitting a job application & getting no response from an employer.

Is it normal? Did my submission accidentally get lost?

Was there Technical issue or ATS blocked my application?

I understand waiting for feedback is annoying, so here are the reasons why:

- They are not hiring at all, the role is for the Internal applicants

- The job was already filled but you still see the Job Ads

- The job did not have headcount approval yet, just receiving application

- They got tons of applications already

- You did not follow instruction, did not speak any particular language, not permanent resident, did not have a relevant qualification

- You applied for a totally different field, job title or industry

- Your salary requirements were too high or too low

- Your CV is Bad; did not match with the keywords of the Job Description

- Or even you forget to attach your CV, or applied a few times for the same role

Company will not tell you their operations & how they operate behind the scenes.

If you want to learn more, I do have a masterclass to reveal those HR secrets.

Interested? Please do the following:

- Follow Me for more career advice

- Comment: Masterclass

- Like and Share this post

I will send you the details afterward.

Keith Lau #nextRoles

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