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Searching for the ideal next roles?

Searching for the ideal next roles?

If you’ve decided it’s time to start job searching, follow the steps below.

These are all your available options for achieving success & securing your new roles.

1 - Evaluate yourself Consider what you’ve learned from your previous job & areas to develop

2 - Identify your transferable skills Find out the best “SELL” for you & what you are good at

3 - Discuss with your friends - Networking is a great way of tapping into “hidden” job markets & give you a real advantage

4 - Research the job market Research your job worth, career tools & job boards that cater to your target industry

5 - Consider changing Career? Explore options to work for growing industry OR consider to become your own boss?

6 - Upgrade your skills if necessary Take a class to learn if you see any gaps from the market

7 - Talk to your Recruitment Adviser & Register with Agencies Look out for a Career Specialist with a good reputation to assist you

8 - Take Actions Apply jobs & Happy Interviews!

Do connect with me as I helped more than 450 people found their ideal nextRoles.

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