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Review your CV for FREE? Yes! No problem.

Review your CV for FREE? Yes! No problem.

Join my Group Coaching Call this Saturday at HK time at 11pm

I will help you to review your CV instantly (No Charges!)

As promised for the 30 days program, I'll have FREE Coaching every week.

This week we talk about CV and so I want to help you & Review your CV.

Many people are not able to afford my services, so grab this chance to meet with me!

I'm using ZOOM so you can unmute yourself, share your screen, and talk directly!

I will provide instant feedback for your CV and everyone can benefit from it. OK?

Once again, Date & Time: Apr 11th, 2020 at 11:00pm. (UTC+8, Hong Kong Time)

And I will also have a quick masterclass to teach you 3-Steps to have a compelling CV!!

I just want to offer my help, if you want to participate, please do the following:

- Like this post

- Share this post

- Comment: ZOOM

- If you are my 2nd or 3rd connection, send me a Direct Message as well. (it's FREE!)

So I will reply to you the Link to join my Free Zoom Group Coaching Call for 40 mins!

Please remember to ask me more questions and prepare your CV! I'll transform it for you!!

Sounds Great? Please Like my Facebook and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel as well.


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