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Recognize the 15 Early Warning Signs of Retrenchment?

Recognize the 15 Early Warning Signs of Retrenchment?

Are there better ways to guess why a retrenchment is on the go?

1. Your boss is communicating less frequently with employees

2. Find out that HR department meetings become long & frequently

3. Rumors from outsiders are talking about retrenchment

4. You don't get invited to regular meetings or cancel suspiciously

5. Some projects are on hold suddenly or you are getting bypassed

6. Assigned a new task to you saying they expand your job scope

7. Your training application or money reimbursement get rejected

8. Asked to submit performance review or appraisals extraordinary

9. Job postings get taken down, headcount freeze & not approved

10. Some changes in the report line & organization structure

11. Your company was hiring too fast or more replacement needed

12. There are more & more outside visitors to your company

13. Noticed your company gets acquired or merges with another

14. Your system login or work email stopped working out of the blue

15. Your Employee Benefits are cut & introducing new procedures

Scary?? Anything you want to add on the list??

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