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Online Business is NOT equal to Digital Marketing

Online Business is NOT equal to Digital Marketing

If you are Coach, Trainer, Industry Expert, Corporate Digital Marketer, Freelancer...

Who are interested to have your online business... This is for you!

I'll partner with James Lee to run a 3 days course for Online Business Startup.

To share my experience of how to have your online presence and for monetization!

Also, share the Strategies & Tips of our results, as well as using some great tools & apps as well.

It's special as we open the first 20 registrations to enjoy 30 mins of our content for FREE.

Given if you can register before May 7th, 2020 (Thu) at 12:00PM (Singapore Time)

Or else, you can sign up and enjoy full 3 Days training with us for USD99.99

Come & Learn the following:

1. Overview of Free Apps economy

2. Customer pitch in social platforms

3. Segmentation of customer via data mining

4. Deploy Apps to create a powerful social presence

5. Play around with Live streaming and Webinar

6. Embed Live Streaming into LinkedIn or FB

7. Integrate PayPal into your sign up page

8. Turn Free Apps into money making machine

9. Checklist for Workable or Non-workable Ideas

10. Conclusion

I shall see you there!



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