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One of My student who just got laid off because of the #COVID19

One of My student who just got laid off because of the #COVID19

But... he got hired in a different industry in just after 2 weeks. Why & How? 👇👇

Instead of sending resumes and applying to different job portals...

He used a completely different approach that I taught!!

He went on networking with people that he knows and relies on LINKEDIN.

He has a target list & chose to communicate with people from the company he wants to work for.

He uses my tricks & connected to these people through LinkedIn!

Within just 2 weeks of proper networking... guess the results?

He got a phenomenal offer of his choice!

Tell you are secret, he only used one of my tips from my 100 mins FREE Masterclass!

Job Seekers, there are many ways to get hired. Correct?

All you need to do is use different, creative & innovative approaches that stand out from your competition!

If you want to know more? I do have a Live, Free, series of 5 Tactical workshops as well.

Interested to learn how to improve your current situation?

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- Visit nextRoles page for more details

I will send you the link & details soon!!


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