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My Student Applied for 500+ Jobs and have many Interviews!

My Student Applied for 500+ Jobs and have many Interviews!

Yes, she even rejected some offers! Wow... You know what, many coaches said... 👇

Don't send 1000+ CV out, it's not professional. Listen, you are Wrong!

Recruitment is a numbers game, if you apply more, will definitely have more Opportunities!

However, what you need to do is "Do it Properly, not just massively".

What do you mean?

I helped my student define her career goal, refine her CV, advise her job search strategy...

She equips well before sending out her CVs, therefore successful % increased a lot!

Before that, she sent 100+ CV but NO one reply and response.

Do you see the difference?

If you want to learn my method, I do have a FREE 100 mins Masterclass to teach you...

That can help your job search & accelerate your results in 4 days!

And I'll provide an ATS-CV Template & a FREE PDF of My Interview Tips.

Interested to learn more? Please:

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- Don't forget to Comment: "FREE", so that I know you are keen!

Completed the steps & I'll send you the 100 mins Masterclass link.

Send me a direct message if you need any personalized help!


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