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My Number One TIPS for #Jobseekers is...

My Number One TIPS for #Jobseekers is...

If you want more Interviews, you need to be Creative!!

You can't use the same way of job searching & expect it works during #COVID19

That means...

You can't use the same CV to apply for every role & expect HR will call you now.

If you want a different result you need different approaches...

It's TIME for a New Mindset and New Idea!!

Correct? Do you think so??

For example, why not directly approach the CEO??

You should build a relationship with the HR and hiring manager today via LinkedIn!

I am having a FREE 100 mins. Masterclass to teach you 3 Critical Career Skills...

So that you can secure Unlimited Interviews and Secure Your Offer in 1 attempt!

I want to help more people so I want to share... But I will remove this video soon...

If you want to know more and learn from me, please do the following simple steps:

Step 1 - LIKE this Post and Write "Masterclass" in the comment

Step 2 - Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment & LinkedIn Adviser for Career Advice

Step 3 - Share this post to help more people!

I will then send the details over to you.

I can't wait to empower more people!!


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