My friend's father who is 65 but he just received an offer from another company!

My friend's father who is 65 but he just received an offer from another company!

Yes, Age is just a Number but Experience is Not!

He used my approach: networking and engaging with his old bosses & colleagues...

He will be starting a new job just like a Fresher!

Why? Although he had worked for his previous company for 10 years...

He has 35+ years of industry experience... But the new job...

Is a completely new area!! So, do NOT doubt in yourself!!

Your experience is everything, NO one can take away from you...

Particularly your Transferable Skills...

Don't think his experience is outdated and that he does not know what the younger generation wants!!

Stop focusing on the age when interviewing candidates... Hiring for attitude!

I think you will get better results, and find a committed talent!

If you need help with your job search, I'm offering the following:

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