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Make a Great Impression at an Interview!

Make a Great Impression at an Interview!

You have to lead the flow, don't wait for the Interviewer to ask questions.

Starting with small talks, build that relationship and bonding first.

Research the Company and the Interviewer that will definitely help.

The bad timing for the Interview is Monday Morning or Friday Afternoon.

And try not to arrange Interview out of office hour like 6 pm people do want to leave.

But you can always start with "How are you?", "How's the weekend", etc.

Do you think the Impression is important? Perhaps the same as the Preparation.

By starting the small talks, you can lead the flow, then say something you've prepared.

You can ask for the permission and start introducing yourself to the Interviewer.

Don't be surprised some Interviewer may not even want to ask "Tell Me About Yourself".

So you have the chance to formally introduce yourself and tell your stories!

I would recommend using: WHO - WHY - WHAT approach with Acronym as well:

- WHO are you?

- WHY you are so good?

- WHAT makes you so different?

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