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Looking for a job? Airbnb layoff 25% of their employees!

Looking for a job? Airbnb layoff 25% of their employees!

Are you sure looking for jobs in this period? Most of them no response...

If you are already unemployed and URGENTLY need some money.

Why not consider starting your own business or let's get some ONLINE sales?

YOU have a choice:

- job market is not the only choice to make a living

- if you don't change your mindset, nothing will be changed

- take bold a step now to start up your own online business

Join us for 3 days of Life-changing Bootcamp, you won't regret!!

Title: Online Business Startup Bootcamp

Date: 11 - 13 May 2020 (3 days)

Time: 10:00PM-11:30PM

Trainers: Keith Lau and James Lee

Registration ($99.99):

From James Lee MBA (Melbourne) PayPal, there are a few Paid, why not take action now?

I will share with you what I did & my journey started in Dec 2019.


1. Overview of Free Apps economy

2. Customer pitch in social platforms

3. Segmentation of customer via data mining

4. Deploy Apps to create powerful social presence

5. Playaround with Live streaming and Webinar

6. Embed Live Streaming into LinkedIn or FB

7. Integrate PayPal into your sign up page

8. Turn Free Apps into money making machine

9. Checklist for Workable or Non-workable Ideas

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