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LinkedIn Tutorial for Job Seekers 101 - How to Avoid Competition!

LinkedIn Tutorial for Job Seekers 101 - How to Avoid Competition!

Think about it. If your ideal company only has 1 unique vacancy!!

Do you want to compete with other people or do you want to stand out from the crowd?

LinkedIn is a professional networking site, focus on people & relationship.

That's why when you visited someone's profile, you will see "People Also Viewed".

LinkedIn has it's own algorithm to generate that list of people.

That viewers of your profile have also looked at - perhaps with a similar background.

It is a great function for increasing visibility & be discovered by other members.

But recruiters will look at those people & contact them if they are good!

I would advise you to be aware of that feature. They might be your competitors?!

These mean members who have had the most views by people who have also looked at your profile.

See the picture of my friend - James?

What you can do: Manage Privacy and Settings.

You can choose whether or not this feature appears when people view your profile.

Again, this is nothing good or bad, it's your own choice and decision.

If you want to learn more LinkedIn tricks to find leads or solve your career-related problems.

Please ask me more questions or send me a DM!


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