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LinkedIn Tutorial for Beginners 101 - How to Build A Resume

LinkedIn Tutorial for Beginners 101 - How to Build A Resume

Linkedin able to help you to do many powerful things & is still continuously evolving.

Do you know you can build & have a beautiful resume in just a few seconds?

I just tried it & find it extremely useful for job seekers. Seems this is a new function!

I'll also have a series to teach you how to use LinkedIn as your branding tool.

If you want to make your professional resume, try to enter as many details as possible.

Why & How? Follow the Steps, try it out yourself, seeing is believing.

Everyone can see "ME" from the Top Menu, Click for the drop-down menu, then click Your Profile.

After that, you should View your current Profile, Click "MORE" afterward.

You will find the function call Build a Resume! Go find it & use it!

Click New Resume to build your resume based on your LinkedIn profile.

You'll have a kind of resume editor so you can make changes.

Once you feel good & done, click Preview or MORE - you can download it as your PDF.

I'll tell you, in my opinion, this is a professional CV & ATS free.

So just a few clicks & simple steps; is ready for your job search!

I'll discover more LinkedIn functions & provide Free Tips for you.

Comment below to encourage me & I'll provide more values to you!


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