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Let us Pray: - Your application will turn into an Interview...

Let us Pray:

- Your application will turn into an Interview

- Your Interview will turn into an Offer, and...

- Your Offer from your dream company would look like this email: 👇

Dear #Jobseekers,


We are delighted to inform you that after careful consideration, you are finally SELECTED!

For the Position: XXX and Salary: $YYY

May we know when you can sign our contract and the earliest start date?

We love to work with you in the near future!

Sincerely from HR of Your Hiring Company

Stay with HOPE!!

Your dream company will message you sooner today or later!

Nothing can stop you to believe the above email, it will deliver to your mailbox!

Would that be great? What do you think? Comment below! 👇

Do let me know how I can help you to secure your offer, because I have something special for you:

- ATS-FREE CV Template

- My Interview Tips & Guide; and

- 100 mins Masterclass for you For FREE!

If you are interested, please let me know by doing these:

- Like this post

- Comment: FREE

- Follow Keith LAU

- Visit nextRoles Page

Complete the steps above, I will try my best to help you!

And you will be able to receive more career advice in the future! Talk to you soon.

Can't wait to empower all of you!!

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