Last Chance for FREE for my Zoom Group Coaching Call

Last Chance for FREE for my Zoom Group Coaching Call

This is my last week 4, and for tonight Last minute for you to register.

This is not for everyone, this is for action takers, and people who want to learn.

My 30 days program will end on April 30th, after that it will NOT be free anymore.

And all my Videos will be removed on our Facebook and YouTube Channel.

I am not sure whether you learn anything, but each 15 mins Video with great content.

Each Video is sharing my 10 years of recruitment experience with you.

Each Video reveals secrets that you don't realize in the real world.

If each video cost USD10, the whole program value more than USD300.

Tonight Zoom Group Coaching Call on Apr 25, at 11:00 pm (HK Time; UTC+8)

If you want to talk to me directly, unmute yourself, and share the screen.

Please join me at Live and do the following:

- Type: ZOOM in the comment

- Follow me on Career Advice

- Like and also Share this post

I will send you the registration link and will see you tonight!

Happy job hunting and I hope I can add value to you, and help you get back your work.

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser #nextRoles

#humanresources #management #careers

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