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Killer CV with Impressive credentials?

Killer CV with Impressive credentials?

Does it work today?

Unfortunately, hardly.

Our student gets an interview + job after making a painful decision!

It's to change his job application strategy, we taught him what is proven to us as workable and sustainable.

However, we want to teach as many #jobseekers as we can, so that you can find a new career in the new company!

Help you to make a living not only for yourself but also provide for your family.

We truly understand that... we learned from mistakes, again and again!

We don't want you to be, rejected many many times, and finally we found the secrets of ATS.


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We will invite you to our forthcoming week webinar.

Training: Live Demo to pass HR's 6 seconds and ATS.

Date: 16 Dec 2020 / 9:30pm SGT/HKT

Speakers: Keith LAU and James Lee

🔆Use Discount code: james50

(Enjoy Half Price and our Christmas Present for you!!)

***Note: Closing date for signing up: 15 Dec 2020


From: Keith LAU and James Lee


#cv #resume #hr #ats

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