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😁 Recently, I did so many FREE Career Advice and Coaching every day and I enjoyed my time speaking with people.

I hope they can pick up something immediately which will help their job search!

🤷 Yesterday, I came across another interesting question: I just changed my current job in less than 2 months now. However, I still want to find a better company.. Should I mention it during the Interview?

👉 In my point of view and practical reasons, Yes, be honest. HK is a small market and people in the same industry know each other.

What if your HR or hiring manager already noticed you’ve changed from some business connection but you didn’t mention it during the Interview?

So if you go to the Interview, when asked about your current situation let them know and explain why you are looking, and why your current role is not something that you expected.

However, I would suggest you not mention in your CV at this moment, as it really have no positive impact in this case, unless you worked for your new job for at least 3-4 months or so.

But bear in mind, whether to mention this kind of short-term job on your resume or during Interview depends on your chosen field & the job nature, if this role just temporarily help you to pay some bills I think you can probably leave it off.


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